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24 things that make me happy

I feel like in times of stress it’s good to focus on things making me happy. It’s not always easy and sometimes it’s easier to focus on the bad or tough things in life. These things may seem silly or simple but they are easy things that are making me happy.

  1. Noah

  2. living so close to my parents

  3. being outside in the cooler mornings

  4. wine

  5. the first sip of a perfectly made iced coffee

  6. sunflowers

  7. the man who has helped to heal my heart

  8. a new nail design

  9. a good breakfast sandwich on a lightly toasted croissant

  10. a full night of snuggles

  11. trips to st. pete

  12. long talks on the phone with my best girls

  13. new plants

  14. organizing and purging

  15. having an organized pantry

  16. watching Noah learn

  17. cooking and baking

  18. going for long drives to no where

  19. every sunset I am blessed enough to see

  20. worship music

  21. blaring music and having dance parties

  22. late night talks on the back porch

  23. spending my time intentionally

  24. that first hug after I pick Noah up from his dads

I find that focusing on these fun, somewhat silly things can really help my anxiety.

What is something making you happy?

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