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Beauty Bakerie: a Black Owned Beauty Spotlight+Review

Ladies! I am so insanely excited! Today is my first spotlight and review of a Black owned company! A few posts back, I had said that I wanted to make a conscious effort to be more intentional about where I spend my money. I want to back brands that back similar views and causes that I do. That brings us here and I can't wait!

Beauty Bakerie is a brand that I came across probably 4+ years ago. I actually reviewed them on my previous blog platform (it is now unpublished) but I have always been so obsessed with the brand, the founder and the products.

Founded by a young Black mother who wanted the world for her daughter and always strives to be "better not bitter" this brand is e v e r y t h i n g. Long wearing, smudge proof products, high pigmentation, and y'all, the packaging and theme is to die for.

All of their products are named after a dessert . It definitely gets your sweet tooth going while applying.

First lets talk face products. I purchased the Insta Bake (foundation in shades 321 warm and 319 neutral) $34 ea., and Flour (setting powder in Almond) $24 .

I went with the two shades of the Insta Bake because I am different shades literally depending on the day. For this picture, I blended the two. These foundations are full coverage and so easy to apply. Super blendable and long wearing for sure! I applied with a beauty blender. This is like a real life facetune.

I set my foundation with the Flour. Literally blured my pores like no other, so smooth and not an annoying amount of fall out when applying.

Moving onto lips, Beauty Bakeries Lip Whips are the first products I had ever tried from them way back when. I was obsessed then and I still am to this day. I ordered myself two new colors that I hadn't tried and my opinion, total wins! These go on like a dream and when I say they are smudge proof, they are smudge PROOF. Perfect for day to day, a night out, romantic kisses or all the tacos.

Supporting this company is a no brainer y'all. On top of supporting a Black owned brand, every purchase gives back to their charity, Sugar Homes. Sugar Homes' mission is to "sweeten the lives of others" by donating money, clothes, toys, and other things needed to orphanages all around the globe. Sugar Homes took on their first Orphanage project in 2011. Hopeworth is a female-led orphanage based in Uganda that has been tending to suffering children. They collaborate with Hopeworth to provide new construction, clothing, food and school fees for the children.

This brand is a total win y'all. They have a wide variety of clean, cruelty free shades for every products, the give back and they are owned by a Queen! 10/10 would recommend!

Have you tried Beauty Bakerie yet?

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