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Casual Pleasantries

You know, no matter how many time I rebrand or come back after a hiatus, the first initial post is always so difficult. But here we are so, lets get to it, shall we?

First off, thank you for joining me here on my little piece of this big 'ol internet thing. If you have joined in on my prior blog adventures, welcome back and if you are totally new, I am happy you are here. I started my very first blog when I was a moody, hormonal 14 year old who literally knew it all. Since then I have gone on blog binges where I am all in and then hiatuses where I let the cob webs stack up. My goal for this time is to find a happy medium. I don't necessarily fit into a "mold" for how I'd classify my ramblings however I am an adopted, divorced, single mother of color so I am hopeful that someone, somewhere, can relate or at the very least chuckle at my attempts to make it though this crazy thing called life. I will probably not be consistent but I will always be transparent, open and occasionally funny.

Let me know what you look for in a blog and things that are relatable to you!

Thank you for joining me.

Sharing with kindness,

Sarah Emily

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