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Falling in Love with Fall:a Seasonal Bucket List

First and foremost-have you seen a cuter little guy with a bigger love of pumpkins?? heart melting.. anyways-

Now that we’re into October, it’s finally starting to feel more and more like fall here on the oceanside! Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the weather finally starts to become more enjoyable, then smell of pumpkins, apples and all of the cozy spices are in the air, and there are so many fall festivities to attend! Since there are still plenty of fall days ahead of us I wanted to create a fall bucket list to share with you all! If you’re looking for some fun fall ideas be sure to keep reading!

my fall bucket list

VISIT A PUMPKIN PATCH | There are so many cute, locally owned pumpkin patches within driving distance & I would love to visit one...or20.. this fall. It’s a fun outdoor activity and it’s a great way to support local, too!

MAKE A NEW FALL TREAT | One of my favorite activities to do with Noah is to bake/cook. I want to make a new savory dish and sweet treat that are fall focused and then share them with our friends/neighbors.

TRY A NEW FALL COCKTAIL | I’m typically a creature of habit when it comes to what I like to drink! I would love to try (and make!) a fall or holiday themed cocktail, I am thinking something with Bourbon and cider.

LOAD UP WITH FALL PRODUCE|I am obsessed with root veggies, pomegranates, squash, etc. I can't wait to make all of the yummy meals with these seasonal ingredients.

TAKE SUPER CUTESY FALL PICTURES|I already know two sweet souls who will be subject to my pumpkin shenanigans and I can't wait!

CARVE A PUMPKIN | Admittedly, carving pumpkins isn’t a talent of mine! They usually turn out SO bad, but it’s always a fun time attempting to carve them and it’s all about the memories, right?!

TAKE A DAY TRIP TO A WINERY | We are less than an hour and a half away from several wineries and I think a day trip up to one would make the perfect fall date day activity!

HOST FAMILY AT OUR HOUSE AROUND THE HOLIDAYS | Now that we have the space to entertain again, we are looking forward to having our family over for the holidays! I want to start a new tradition this year of having our friends over the Tuesday before Thanksgiving for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. I think it will be a great way to get together and spend some time together before the chaos of the holiday season begins.

HAVE AN OUTDOOR MOVIE NIGHT | I’m really looking forward to cozying up with a warm blanket outdoors and watching a movie under the stars. I have a few backyard projects I want to do prior to this but then, I expect us to be out there nightly.

CREATE A THANKFUL LIST | Sometimes we just need to take a moment to truly remember what we are thankful for & the things that matter the most.

What are your plans this fall?!

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