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Five Reasons Being a Boy Mom is the Best

So I have a confession to make. Anyone who knows me knows that I always..I mean ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. BUT I always thought to the depths of my being, that I would be a girl mom. I imagined the matchy matchy outfits, bows and braids in her hair, playing with make up and a barbie dream house-there was just no question in my mind. However, the second I opened the box of balloons for our gender reveal and saw baby blue balloons fly out, I knew I was meant to be a boy mom and I am so here for it!

Five Reasons Why Being a Boy Mom is the Best

  1. The affection. I am not saying girls don't give good hugs but goodness. The way Noah hugs me fills my heart completely. Those hugs coupled with the way he holds my cheeks and kisses me or snuggles up close to me when we are watching a movie. All of it is just perfection.

  2. The level of energy. Noah truly does not stop and I love it. Every morning after he wakes up he has a short 15-20 min wake up period then he is off to the races. Running around, wanting to explore and find new adventures, and his bravery to climb/jump/do anything dangerous.

  3. The responsibility I have to teach him to be kind. I want nothing more than for Noah to grow up loving anyone and everyone and to be a kind hearted human. I am so over this mentality that men have to always be strong and tough. Having a kind heart is one of the most endearing qualities someone can have in my opinion. I want Noah to learn to be compassionate and understanding of women as well.

  4. Being someones first love. We can go through our entire teen and young adult lives never knowing what it feels like to be someone’s first true love. Then, our boys come along and that completely changes. There’s really nothing quite like knowing that you’re the center of the universe for someone (and they’re the center of yours), even if just for a little while. There’s also nothing like the responsibility of knowing that how you return that love sets the stage for your son’s future relationships. It’s awesome in the truest sense of the word.

  5. We learn to thrive in chaos. Nearly every list of things that make being a boy mom so interesting talk about the chaos that sons bring to our lives. They’re a flurry of movement. They’re noisy. They’re messy. However, they leave one key element out. Boy moms don’t just learn to survive chaos; we can actually thrive in it. We learn to think fast and act even faster; to find peace in noise. We even discover that there really is order amidst the unorderly.

There really isn’t anything quite like being a boy mom! I am not saying it's better than parenting a girl, it’s just different. Sons open our eyes up to whole new worlds and teach us how to think of things in unique ways. That alone makes it truly an extraordinary experience.

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