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2020,You're Being a Little Extra

Today is June 3, 2020. You can look at this date two ways, "we are ONLY in June" or, "it is already June". I am team "already" because that means only 6 more months until this year is behind us and we need all of the positivity we can get, am I right?

2020 has been a real one. A real unbelievable one. We started with the tragic wildfires in Australia, the Covid-19 Pandemic that will literally never be forgotten, insane apocalypse type bees, the devastating murders of Black lives, and now here we are still battling racial injustice. 2020 needs to pour itself a stiff cocktail and just chill for a second.

All jokes aside, with as crazy as this year has been, I am thankful for it. Anyone who is living through these times is seeing history in the making. We have all been a part of a world wide pandemic. We are seeing more and more awareness and light brought on to the racial injustices in our society and we will hopefully see a big change for our Black community.

This is a big scary world, one that sometimes almost seems impossible to navigate successfully, one that I question how I will explain to my son, but one that I am proud to be a part of. One that I am committed to help change.

If you were making a cocktail for 2020, what would you pour?

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