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It's the Mom Guilt, For Me

Y'all being a mama is HARD. Being a single mama is also H A R D. and lately the mom guilt has been getting to me!

If you have been around here, you'll know my blogging is far from routine-haha. You also may know though, that I started a new job in November and I LOVE my job so much however finding a proper work/mom/life balance has not been easy since November and I am still struggling with it.

With my new job, came more responsibility and I am virtually on call 24/7 I truly do have to have my phone on me at all times. I am also required to work at least 1 weekend day a week. With my schedule for Noah, this poses a big issue.

I am super thankful to have my mama and a very small group of other friends I can count on to help me with Noah when I have to be on property but it breaks my heart to ask every.single.time. I see it as less time with Noah. He comes to work with me here and there but on the days I know it is going to be hectic, I try to find a more fun option for him.

I feel guilty leaving him with other people because although I know he is well loved and having a blast, it is time not spent with me. I am trying to be better about my time with him and have adapted these few attainable ways to help me do so.

  1. even though I literally have to be reachable for work, I am intentional about the time spent on my phone. I have a specific ringtone for work contacts so I know if I need to actually reach for my phone or not.

  2. I listen when he speaks. Mamas- tell me it isn't THE biggest reality check when your toddler calls you out for not listening to them!

  3. We make bedtime special. Bedtime is really OUR time to just be. We talk about our days, what we had for lunch, read stories and sing songs

  4. I play hookie. Every few weeks I will keep Noah home from school and I will work from home or just take the day as a whole and we will go do something fun like the zoo or beach.

Mom guilt is a REAL nasty animal. How do you combat it?

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