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Miss Jessie's: a Black Owned Beauty Spotlight+Review

Today is all about these curls of mine.

A few posts back, I chatted about ditching and switching my everyday products for Black owned brands or at the very least companies that were in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement. (you can see that post here!) I am so excited because my first items arrived earlier this week!

I have always struggled with these curls on the top of my head. Being adopted, my very, very sweet but also very, very white mama knew N O T H I N G about curl care so for the greater part of my childhood I was the girl rocking a big curly ponytail complete with a satin scrunchie (crazy that they are back in style-but also SO here for it) . Going into my middle school years, as an effort to fit in, I became besties with my flat iron and relaxers-regret city over here over this. My hair is JUST NOW becoming healthy again after years of this abuse. Anyways, as I digress, I have never found products that I really loved for my curls and that is because I was going about it all wrong.

You would've thought that I would have thought to look into Black owned curly products instead of kicking it with top name drug store brands but here we are in 2020 and I F I N A L L Y have gotten the message.

In my search for Black owned beauty companies and products I came across Miss Jessie's. Miss Jessie's offers a wide variety of natural products geared towards all hair types from wavy to kinky curly (aka, me) . This brand was started by two sisters in 2004 and has since sky rocketed. They even have a salon in South FL which I plan to make a visit to sometime soon!

Anyways, I had a hay day on their site and ordered a ton of products to try so lets get to it!

a gentle sulfate-free shampoo. perfect for tangles and dry or brittle hair

a super light weight conditioner, softens my curls leaving them so soft and hydrated

light weight leave in conditioner to start the styling process off right

elongating hair cream-literal godsend of a product

creates the most perfect uniformed and manageable curls without weighing them down

the best product for hold while still leaving touchable, soft, curls

a once a week deep conditioning treatment filled with shea butter and avocado oil

a growth treatment that promotes long and healthy curls

For my curls, I typically shampoo my hair with the Harm Me Knot about every 7-8 days. For styling, on the day-to-day, I dampen my hair and alternate between the Multi Cultural Curls, Curly Pudding and Pillow Soft Curls or if I have extra time, I will use the Super Sweetback Treatment and stretch my curls for greater length. I am a total "wash and go" type of girl and rarely use a diffuser. These products have saved my poor hair! I am so obsessed with all of these products and the brand so much. They help me embrace my curls and allow me to keep them healthy and soft.

My overall opinion of these products and the brand as a whole is: total win! The prices can not be beat, the packaging is adorable, I love that it is a Black owned business started by two sisters who needed more options for their hair and the quality and results are amazing. I will definitely be placing another once I have used up some of these products! I already have my eye on several other products I want to try like the Curls so Fresh.

What is your favorite haircare brand? +10 points if it is a Black owned brand !

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