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Monday Maunderings

Breonna Taylor still hasn’t received justice and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic but alas it’s another Monday and I have some random things to ramble about so lets chat, shall we?

Romanticizing progress. At work this past week, Breonna Taylor came up and one person said “who?”-insert major eye roll and disgust from me here- and another said “well now they are at least investigating”. I mean yeah. They are but god damn they should’ve been doing that months ago. We can’t and shouldn’t be romanticizing progress. That is how too much weight gets placed on surface level concessions and bandaids are placed on “solutions” that don’t actually address the disease of racism and injustice. Progress is amazing and optimism is important but we need to keep how much further we still need to go at the forefront of conversations.

Selling a house in the midst of a pandemic. 1/10. Would not recommend. Would not do again but, here we are out here doing it. We listed our house on 7/27 at 3pm and had 3 offers by 6pm 7/28. No complaints there but the stress of people in and out of our house, slow downs with paperwork due to Covid and just the process in general is just a lot. But spending this afternoon looking at new houses and ready to move to the next chapter in life.

Find your bestie tribe and love them hard. I am so lucky to have the friends I do. We love hard, have insanely different view points, but couldn’t be any closer. We are all insanely respectful of one another and that amount of differences we do have but we can always talk about "tense subjects" in a calm manner. I am so thankful to finally have a really good group of friends and for Noah to have besties so close in age as well.

My most favorite thing ever happened this week. I have always wanted a picture to be transformed into a digital art picture and it happened! People with talent really impress me and NuttHouseGfx (on Instagram) made my favorite picture of Noah and I digital. I am so obsessed.

Random Monday morning rambles for you to get your week started. What’s something you’re looking forward to this week?

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