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Monday Maunderings

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Happy Monday & Happy October lovlies!

Is it as insane to you as it is to me that it is already October? October is, without a doubt, my favorite month. October kicks off all things cozy, pumpkin, and apple, the holiday seasons, crafts and all of the outdoor activities my heart can handle-because in FL it is only nice enough to be outside October-February. Anyways today we are chatting about all things Fall and some life updates!

  1. I have officially become a crazy plant lady. I am up to 23 and counting and I could scream with excitement. I am committed to transforming our living space into a boho plant filled oasis.

  2. Speaking of our living space, We moved! Finally. I would say I am on the expert level side of moving as I have done it over 10 times in my life. It is something I typically look forward to and enjoy getting that fresh start. This past move though was stressful AF. Aside from the whole pandemic thing, the banks took legit f o r e v e r to process all of the paperwork and such so we were in an odd state of limbo for a little less than a month. However, now that we are finally settled and acclimating to the new place, I can't wait to start sharing home content here too! Also, we moved, unpacked, got everything set up, 7 walls painted, 2 beds and a night stand, and backsplash installed in less than 5 days-talk about type A (not taking all the credit though, I also had a very handsome helper).

Speaking of the new house, I (again c/o the most patient man), have the bedroom of my pinterest dreams! I need a few more plants and it will be complete. This house is truly my vibe. It is funny because I was talking to my mom the other day and this is the first time that I have really had a place that was just mine-no roommates/s.o's-just Noah and I and it is becoming the dreamiest boho/bright and airy space.

4. Hallelujah for October and, FL actually felt a little fall-y this past week with a slight drop in temps. You already know your girl was rocking the booties and sweaters every dang day! I also was so excited to make a little pumpkin patch on our porch for Noah. We spent Sunday afternoon painting Disney themed pumpkins, baking, and decorating for Fall.

5.It has been a little quiet around here lately since coming back into the blog world. When I started writing again, I did it with the intention of posting 2-3 times a week. In an ideal world I would love to hold myself to that but, life. I can honestly say I write about 4-5 days a week so my drafts are currently loaded however, I came back to blogging as an outlet/therapy and some of the posts I have written-with the intention to post one day, I am just not ready for the world to see yet. I want to keep things kind of light hearted around here but also share real and teachable moments so I am working on finding a balance for that. In the mean time though I am thankful to those who stick around for the random posts here and there like this one!

Well darlings, that is all for now. It is a rainy, dreary day here so we are running a few errands then going to relax at home with my mama. What is something you are looking most forward to this week? For me, it is making pumpkin muffins with Noah!

Happy Monday!

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