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Monday Maunderings

...The one where I willingly allowed my ex-husband into my new house.

Happy Monday. Happy November. Happy Fall! I hope you all had the most amazing Halloween weekends regardless of how/if you celebrated. This is a big week but this post isn't about the politics-we will save that one for tomorrow-because you already know ya girl has a lot to say about that! But for now, lets talk life updates, a big step my ex and I took this past weekend, and a few of my random thoughts currently.

1. If you are local to me, how G L O R I O U S is this weather? I am sitting on the front porch currently listening to the birds, watching the sun come up and drinking my (iced) coffee snuggled under two blankets and L I V I N G for this cool snap! Though I have been in FL long enough to be considered a "native", you all know I am a Tennesee girl through and through-including my weather preferences. Give me all the knit sweaters and booties!

2. I won't leave you hanging that long.. let's chat about the big whammy statement. So.... if you know me through here, instagram or IRL, you will know that I could be the CEO of the phrase "we will NEVER be that divorced couple that gets along" My ex and I separated in September 2018, legally in March 2019, and officially divorced June 2020. Y'all already know the actual hell I went through over that divorce. It was nasty and intense. In the beginning of 2020 Noah had a medical procedure done that forced some civility into our dynamic but we were far from actual willing civility. As the months have gone on and the dust has settled, we have (mostly) only been going up. This past weekend we agreed to spend part of Halloween together and we both took Noah trick or treating in my new neighborhood. When I first proposed the idea to his dad, I wasn't really thinking about the logistics. However, when they showed up at my door, I needed about 25 min to get Noah ready which lead to me extending the offer of his dad coming inside to wait. After N was ready, we set out and went around various streets together for about an hour. Noah was living his best life, J and I were able to coparent and coexist well, I ended up with some pretty adorable pictures of them together and he took a bunch of N and I and all in all it was a great and successful start to the night...I guess the saying "never say never" holds some weight.

3. As a plant mama of over 50 plants-Chris, I can literally hear the look you're giving me...but anyways, one thing I am always on the hunt for are the perfect planters. Though terra cottas are a pain in the booty because they dry the heck out of the soil, I tend to still lean towards them due to the price point. N and I also really enjoy painting our own designs on them. Now that we are settled in our house, I am working on finding the perfect spots for each of my plants so they are happy and thriving. My current living room project is one I am most excited for-picture below for inspo. Check back next week/on IG to see what I have been up to.

4. I am trying my hardest to get back on a steady health kick. I typically go between a 12-16 hr fast routine or caloric deficit +a 90% keto diet to drop weight and for me these methods help me retain the weight loss as well. One thing that aids in this are morning smoothies after my coffee. This has been my fav recipe for a while and +10 points for it being fairly quick and definitely easy.

5. Thrifting . I have spent my whole life not understanding people who thrift...but, I am now a thrifter. I found Noah a virtually brand new bike last week for $10. I am now currently on the hunt for boho wicker/rattan chairs and shelving for the front porch. I keep going to the few thrift stores around my area looking for the perfect ones. It is kind of like an addicting thrill-and I am here for it! Where are the best places to thrift if you are local?

Well, those are all the rambles I have for this Monday. Enjoy the weather and remember that everything and everyone CAN change-it just doesn't always happen overnight.

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