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Monday Maunderings ft. Big Newsx3

Another week, another Monday but for us, this is a big deal Monday. There are a lot of ch-ch-ch-changes going on behind the scenes here so let’s chat!

First up, it’s finally happening. This sweet little man is off to his first day of school today (and this mama is a teary eyed mess). After about a month of calling schools, touring schools, making pros and cons lists for schools we finally found the perfect fit for this guy. I never thought I’d be sending Noah to school this early. The original plan was always that he wouldn’t go until fall ‘21 and at that, only for half days but we will chat about that in a few. I’m so happy with the school we picked and I know that he will have THE most fun there. My mama heart will heal as soon as I get to hug him this afternoon, I’m sure.

So, the little man behind the blog is off to school because... I accepted a new job! This is both as equally exciting as it is terrifying. Many of y’all know I work in the hotel industry and I am sticking with that realm however I am switching to a brand I’ve never worked for before and I am now an Assistant General Manager! This was a sort of by chance opportunity but one that I knew I couldn’t pass up. So after a lot of praying, outside encouragement and inside motivational speeches I accepted the offer. This is so so good for our family and exactly what I want to be doing in this season. I am a little apprehensive since it will be quite the learning curve learning their systems but I am here for it!

So, you know the little man behind the blog, you know me but there’s also been a big man behind the screen for the last few months. If you follow me on IG, you may have seen a handsome man here and there on my stories. We are honestly pretty serious, we became Facebook friends over the weekend...eek! In all seriousness, he is a great man who has been bringing me unprecedented happiness and you'll be seeing more of him!

So obviously this year has been a dang whirlwind so I figured we might as well close the year with a bang including some major life changes right before the holiday season. In all honesty, since returning back to Church and focusing more time on my relationship with God, I have felt such a release in the choices and options that are presented to me. I have allowed myself to make more decisions that I feel called to make versus stressing over things I can not really control. This past month has pulled me in a lot of different directions mentally and emotionally but once I was able to let go, I felt secure in my decisions.

So, I think if I start another paragraph with "so" I am going to fire myself from writing... anyways, this week is a big one and I am here for it. Since I don't start work on property until tomorrow, I am spending the morning, while Noah is at school, doing ALL of the errands-car wash, trips to like 8 stores, errands. Jump on my stories to come with! I hope you all have the most fabulous monday!

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