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Monday Maunderings:Self Care Edition

Happy Monday! It is late AF in the day and I don't have a care in the world about that. This past week has been a hard one. Being back at work and working my crazy hours, some personal matters that will be discussed later in the week and just being in a general funk has definitely created a lapse in my motivation. So today we are talking self care because it is important y'all.

For a very long time I believed that I didn't need to take care of myself. I would "always be fine". But that is not fine. I still don't frequently take the time for self care but I do try to make it a priority when I really feel I am at my breaking point. Here are some easy but affective self care tips.

1. Give yourself some grace. I’m high key a bit hypocritical with this one but it is so true. I feel like our world puts so much pressure on us to be perfect or to do more and sometimes we just need to be. If you don’t cross everything off your to do list, it’ll still be there tomorrow. If you didn’t manage to workout today, you can do it tomorrow. I’m aware not everything can always be put off but you can always give yourself some grace if you’re feeling too overwhelmed.

2. Bust a move. Dance parties are insta-mood boosters! Anytime I am in a rut, I will blast songs until I find one that I can’t resist dancing too and have a dance party. I also have started staring every morning with a dance party.

3. Eucalyptus showers or baths. Be a little boujee, buy a few stems of eucalyptus, cut them, smack them to release the oils and hang them on a shower or bath head. Instant stress relief, amazing smell, cute for pictures and I mean, why not.

4. Workout. Yeah like it’s not super fun but I know for me sometimes a good run or sweat sesh helps me clear my mind.

5. If all else fails, wine, ice cream, and movies. Just relax and rest because tomorrow is always a new day.

Self care/mental health is something that has consistently pushed to the wayside but something that needs to be addressed and recognized . It is something I struggle with and something that I am constantly trying to remind myself is necessary. Even if it isn't something you take part in daily, make sure to take care of yourself before you get to a breaking point.

That is all for today, off to snuggle with the little mini and watch movies until bed time. Happy Monday lovies.

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