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My Sweet Sleeping Boy

While you were sleeping, I held you tight in my arms, propped up on pillows in my bed, looking at the pictures on the wall that keep the memories of your baby days gone by.

While you were sleeping, I was paralyzed still, captivated by your angelic face turned upward toward me as your head rested peacefully on my chest.

While you were sleeping, I studied your features: thick, long lashes, glowing tan skin covering full, round cheeks and a soft, dimpled chin; the most beautiful shade of blonde hair, and perfect, pink lips.

While you were sleeping, your hand held my shirt and sat gently on my heart. Your body, which once was small enough to completely curl up on my chest was now draped to my knees like a blanket weighted perfectly for me.

While you were sleeping, the sound of your breathing was like the melody of a song to which only we know the words. The sweetest sighs and most precious little toddler snores followed.

While you were sleeping, you found your safe place in my arms – your comfort and sanctuary. I found overwhelming peace and yet a profound tugging on my mama heart, knowing that these days are fleeting.

While you were sleeping, I carefully readjusted to fall asleep next to you. Before closing my eyes for the night I looked at you again, taking in your essence once more, while hoping to emblazon this memory in my mind forever. You rested your hand in mine.

While you were sleeping, I fell in love with you all over again.

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