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Silly Cures for Those 'meh' Kinda Days

Having bad days is ok. Having days where you want to do nothing is ok too! But just in case you don’t ever want to have those days I am sharing 10 ways to cheer yourself up! I personally would rather try to cheer myself up than be sad.

  • Play with animals: I am not a huge animal person, but how can you be sad when playing with puppies? It’s just not possible. Around us, goats have become the new "it" animal. There are countless places that you can go near us to pet, play and feed baby goats-you can also do goat could anyone resist?

  • Go workout: I mean Elle Woods said it best, endorphins make you happy. But truthfully when I have been in a funky mood and gone to work out I am always so happy after. Workouts really can cheer you up. I love listening to a new playlist or a new podcast episode during a good workout too!

  • Spend time with family: When I am sad my biggest mood booster is playing with Noah! Going to the park or taking N outside and hearing his sweet laugh! THE BEST!

  • Get Artsy: I love a good adult coloring book, watercoloring, writing, dancing around, anything that lets me be creative!

  • Watch something funny: I love this mood booster from Ellen. I have mentioned it before but seriously try to NOT laugh! Or you know search funny cat videos. Whatever floats your boat!

  • Meet a friend for a vent sesh: I love grabbing a cup of coffee or a cocktail and talking with a friend. I promise you will feel better!

  • Make a list of everything good: Everything good in your life. Maybe you can reevaluate why you are in a sad mood when you see everything good in your life!

  • Declutter: Sometimes just crap everywhere can put you in a mood. Try to declutter a few spaces and see if that helps!

  • Volunteer: Because when you are helping others you can’t possibly be sad!

  • Go for a long drive:with no real destination. Music up, windows down.

What helps you when you are just feeling a little less than?

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