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The Saddest People Smile The Brightest

Have you ever looked at a picture of you from the past and just thought , "wow, who is that?"

This happened to me the other day. I woke up and checked snap chat and I had a memory from three years prior pop up. It was a selfie where, at face value, I look so happy, like everything was going well.

I remember that day. I remember taking that picture. I remember crying for hours before it was taken, the violent fight that happened the night before, my fried until it was straight hair so that it would "look presentable" , the incredibly puffy eyes under my reflective sunglasses and the forced smile to trick everyone else into thinking I was okay. The whole point of the picture was that I had kind of gone a-wall and my mama texted asking if I was ok. Plastering on layers of make up and a fake smile was easier than saying "no."

I looked at that picture for a long, long time the other morning. I was holding Noah as he slept, thankful for the life I have now, thankful for the circle of friends I have, thankful for the new worth in myself I have found, just over all thankful for the life I have now.

Life has honestly turned into a highlight reel on and off the internet. No one wants to talk about the hard things because it just isn't fun. But, it is necessary sometimes. I’m not suggesting that we should all be walking around with our pain exposed. Our public face is necessary and serves us well. It allows us to function in the world and to exercise choice about when, where, how and with whom we tend to our personal suffering. What I am suggesting is that when we are having a hard time, we remember—contrary to how it may seem—that we are not alone, that our suffering does not set us apart from others. Rather it is an important part of our human experience that we all share.

When you are feeling like you want to hide your pain,

reach out to your circle. the people that you trust the most or feel the safest with. use them as a guide to help or confide in.

take time for yourself. it is okay to cancel plans, put your phone down or take time for just you for a while to heal.

treat yourself. everyone loves a pick me up here and there. treat yourself to a hot bath, starbucks, a sweet treat. anything to make you just a little happier.

put on the Mood Booster playlist from Spotify and jam.

hear me clearly when I say, you are not alone. some days you feel like you are drowning but there is always someone with a life raft ready to catch you.

How do you switch up your saddness?

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