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Cheers to 29 Years

This year has already been one hell of a whirlwind. Though this birthday isn't a "monumental number" it has been a monumental year that I won't ever forget.

I have always been one of those people who believes that life happens in your twenties. My twenties were jam packed with all the things. I moved home from Ohio, I adopted my sweet Chloe girl, I went on a solo trip to Europe, I moved 11 times, I visited 16 states, I met a boy, I got married, I bought a house, I became a mommy and had the sweetest little love grace my life,Donald Trump became president, I got served divorce papers, I had THE best summer of my life in 2019, I made it through the covid pandemic, I saw history in the making in regards to the racial injustice in this world, I got divorced, and now I am at the beginning chapter of a new, happier me at the end of my twenties.

Starting my 29th year, I see the beauty in life. I see and feel what it is like to be truly happy and to love myself. I don't have some super philosophical quote to share with you about this final year in my twenties but, I do have 29 life lessons I have come to

  • give yourself grace.

  • moments are our opportunity to learn and grow.

  • it is okay to not be okay.

  • love yourself first.

  • catch as many sunsets as you can.

  • embrace your curls.

  • find yourself in God.

  • wasting time with things (or people) that don't spark joy is stupid.

  • take time to be grateful.

  • do not skip out on a dance party.

  • house chores can always wait.

  • savor every moment of that sweet soul that calls you "mama".

  • not everyone is in your life forever. some are just there for a season or a lesson.

  • just say no to flavored vodka.

  • stand up for what you believe in.

  • life is already moving fast. don't rush it.

  • there is nothing wrong with crying.

  • always take 3+weeks off in between jobs

  • sometimes life is bs.

  • be intentional.

  • foster the friendships that are mutually beneficial.

  • be spontaneous.

  • do not let anyone else control you.

  • ignoring things will not make them go away. handle your ish.

  • all good things come with time.

  • do the things you are passionate about.

  • find your power color and own it.

  • always buy extra toilet paper and clorox.

  • never stop believing that you deserve to be happy.

Have you ever asked yourself how many things had to fall into place so you were born? This is a thought that goes through my mind regularly. Life truly is such a gift, and getting older isn’t something we can take for granted at all. We will all die one day. Hopefully at a very old age, with lots of wrinkles on our faces that tell stories about our life. But until that time, I fully plan to keep living my life and enjoying all of the moments. 29, I am here for you!

I have the best feeling about this year and I love that. On my last day of 28, one of my top dreams came true and I got to pet a sloth. If you’re new around here, I am sloth obsessed. I think they are so beautiful and magical and being able to be up close to one has always been a bucket list dream of mine and it has now come true. If that’s not the best birthday gift/farewell to 28/welcome to 29, I don’t know what is.

What is something you would've told your 29 year old self?

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