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Thoughts on Allyship

This is not a post that I thought I would be writing. This is also not a socially changing time that I thought I would be a part of but I am happy I am here.

Right now, as we are living and breathing, history is being rewritten. We as a human race are combatting the social injustices that Black people have suffered for year upon years. This is the loudest we have been and we are determined to make a change.

The phrase "ally" is one that is be blasted everywhere. It is a good one because, yes, it is needed. But there is also becoming a lot of grey area in terms of how to "properly" be an ally. If you have diversified your daily feeds to incorporate any members of the Black community, you may have seen posts that say to not ask how to be an ally, that we don't need more stress by telling people what to do. Though I do fully understand how mentally and emotionally stressed out and pressed the Black community is, I want you to know that I am here to help you be an ally. I want to be able to teach anyone who is open to learning how to help andpoints to educate themselves with. Some days I am more willing than others because right now, trying to digest all of the information while also worying about my people on the front lines , joining them on the front lines, and also trying to teach my own son about our race, can be exhausting. But I am here.

I have had some of my very close white friends reach out to me in fear and frustration because they don't know what to post to show support, they have been policed (ironically by other white people) about what they have posted in support, or that they just don't know what to say. In a way I think that some white people with their hearts in the right places are feeling paralyzed from fear of "not doing it right" . Again, I am here to tell you, especially if I know you personally, if you are doing all you can to educate yourself, donate, support, I will not attack you. I may reach out and say "hey, maybe try approaching it this way or that way" but I will not attack you. Black people, Black culture, myself first hand, have all been policed for how we feel and express ourselves for too long. I will not do that to someone else who is trying.

Posting a black square on social media was not enough. Reposting images or quotes is not enough. We need real action to make a real change.

I have compiled some ways for you to be an ally and to show your support for the Black community.

Additional Resources and Clickable Links:

If you are not able to financially donate, while you are scrolling around, play one of these videos in the background. This is completely free to you but allows all of the money from the ads to generate and then 100% of this money is being donated to the Black Lives Matter foundation.

If you are able to monetarily donate,

Follow and educate yourself through these Black voices and outlets

Sign :

From your phone, text:

FLOYD to 55156

JUSTICE to 668336

ENOUGH to 55165


  • register to vote

  • look up and find Black owned business in your area to support

  • check in on your Black friends, family members, co-workers, etc. but don't expect or force a response back

  • educate yourself. Ask yourself questions. Google, research, put in the time

  • screen shot, share, repost

  • do not make it about you

Understand that allyship is not a trend. Of course you will be back laughing and living your best life but make this change you. Make this push you to do better and expect and demand better from those in your circles. Vote with this in your heart. Carefully make decisions on brands and business to support with this in your heart. Make this apart of your every day life.

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Jun 08, 2020

‘if you are doing all you can to educate yourself, donate, support, I will not attack you.’ This!!! This is so important. I feel like some people are silent because they don’t know what to say and because they are truly afraid to be judged.

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